Michael Harkins aka DJ Cuban Pete

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  Michael always had a special interest in Entertainment and music - basically anything to do with the business.   At the age of 10 people would always say, there is a mini Travolta... boy he loves to dance.


At the age of 13, his mom decided to set him up with a complete DJ system - with the love of music, what a better way to get him statred (oh boy).  Now with the 1's & 2's (turntables... that is) music became more poinyant in his life.  As the years progressed his focus started to change a bit and his love for film and tv became more evident, he statred to audition and got roles in school productions and community theatre - this was now a new breakout point for Michael.


Fast foward to the present, Michael took his interest more serious in Film and Television and then began pursuing a career in the performing arts, mainly focusing on developing a wide array of original characters.


With many auditions, some good some bad - he started to book work as a Full working actor. Michael booked his first commercial job! He landed his first principal role on "New York Undercover",  and aside from these projects, he has had bit parts in several Film & TV programs under his belt such as: "The Good Wife", "Running Wilde", "Smash", "Gossip Girl", "Analyze This", "What Happen In Vegas", "Sleepers".   Michael has since performed in several plays, films and studied with some of the best acting teachers in NYC and continues to do so.


Besides focusing on his career as a Professional SAG/AFTRA Union Actor, Michael has is sights still on his music as well.  He has worked with some of the biggest artists and talent out there; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keyes, Deborah Cox, Crystal Waters, Maxine Nightingale, Expose, Nancy Martinez, Alisha, George LaMond, Lisa Lisa and many many more.


Michael has produced and co-produced numerous shows and events throughout the years and has worked with many producers, DJ's, promoters, venues, radio stations and record labels.  He is not new to the business and has made a reputable name for himself in the industy.


If you don't know Michael Harkins by him first and last name, perhaps you may know him better as "Cuban Pete".  A name that will forever live with him forever and ever.  He has established himself as a National and International DJ / Entertainer.


When you want a professional person handling your every need, Michael is the go to person for the; What if?  What do you think?  Is this the right choice?  The one that will work so close with you on every descion and every idea... it don't get any better.


Michael Harkins is the person to look out for!


Note: Current Up-Coming TV Shows:

          Shades of Blue: NBC Universal with Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta and Drea DiMatteo


          as Ray Liotta's Stand-In / Photo Double


          Season 3 Coming This March  2018 on NBC 10pm


         Martin Scorsese's "THE IRISHMAN" Due 2018

         on NETFLIX

         Can also be see on The NatGeo Show:

         I Am Rebel: episode "WeeGee the Famous"





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Peppe LaHara aka DJ Peppe Beatz

Been making people dance for over 25 years - from private parties to the club seen it's what we do best.  My specialty is in Classic Disco and Freestyle along with with music for all ocaisions.  Music is a passion for me and I love too see people dance and really enjoy themselves.


I give the crowd what they need and they give me what i want

(A Packed Dance Floor). 





Giovanni LaHara

The voice behind the bookings.  Giovanni is the guy that will take you step by step and help you get all your needs taken care of.  Just ask and he'll be there to accomodate. 

You can also see Giovanni on is own cooking show on YouTube