Disco, Dance & Freestyle:

Carol Williams (More)

Lime (Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight)

Denise Montana (#1 Dee Jay)

Fonda Rae (Over Like A Fat Rat)

Taana Gardner (Heartbeat)

Alisha (All Night Passion)

The Ritchie Family (Best Disco In Town)

Nancy Martinez (For Tonight)

Double Exposure (10 Percent)

Brenda K. Starr (I Still Believe)

Reina (Another Woman)

Luci Martin, Norma Jean Wright & Alfa Anderson (former Ladies of Chic) (Le Freak)

Randy Jones (original "Cowboy" from The Village People)

James "D-TRAIN" Williams (You're The One For Me)

Maxine Nightingale (Right Back Where We Started From)

Strafe (Set It Off)


The Great Impersonators:

Guidelines For Booking One of Our Artists


If you would like to schedule one of our recording artists or celebrities, we ask that you are prepared to meet the following criteria, so that we are better able to serve and protect our clients. You will find this criteria and the guidelines we require are standard to all booking agencies. In this sense, we are not unique at all.



We ask that you have an established nightclub or a familiar national event, circuit party or function.

When you call us, please be prepared to give us the name of the performer you would like to schedule and choices of dates that you would like the performer to appear. In selecting dates, you would be wise to have several dates available; one that is your preferred date and the remaining that are available to you.



Upon taking this information, we will then contact our performers and check into their availability, their interest in doing the performance and the amount of money they require to perform.


If you are approved and accepted as a date the performer has available and is interested in performing for you, we will then contact you and ask for a deposit of 50% of the performance fee. We like this deposit to be paid immediately to hold and guarantee you the date.



On the day of performance, the artist is to be paid the balance of what is owed in cash, and no later than 20 minutes prior to the scheduled performance. As this request for cash is discussed in the very early stages of communications with us, and then reiterated in a written contract, it will not come as any surprise to you, in fact, it is so customary, that most people would find it odd if there wasn't a statement about this cash payment within a contract provided. You will also find in a typical contract that the deposit fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable. This is an industry standard as a means to protect the performer from losing everything should the date become cancelled, poorly funded, or poorly promoted, and the performer cannot be paid in full or cannot have the date replaced. This assures at least partial compensation to the artist for making themselves available for other work.



Items such as the cash issue will be clearly written in a contract with all other terms, conditions, requirements, and expectations of both you and the performer, and will be provided to you. You will further discover from this contract certain actions and standards that we employ in the event a problems occurs. As the law is both yours and our best defense against an unfortunate occasion, you will find actions and laws within a contract that, as an example, state that a performer has the right to fully exercise their option to not perform, if they are not paid in full, in cash, and within the allotted time frame prior to an  event.



Diana Ross

Donna Summer

Boy George

John Travolta

Joan Rivers


Tiger Woods

Etta James

Abba (Live Show)







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